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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How My Life is Different:

1. My collection of many cute and sexy high heel shoes are collecting dust under my bed.

2. I am now a very light sleeper. The smallest sound from anywhere in the house has me up and ready to tend to a baby.

 3. If I ever sleep past 7am, it is a luxury, and definitely considered "sleeping in".

 4. I pay the same monthly for my two story house in Texas than I did for my one bedroom apartment in West Hollywood. Less even. And the house still isn't big enough!

 5. I went from a two seater sports car to an SUV, and it's STILL not big enough!

 6. I dread getting a call that I have an audition since that means I would need to find a sitter. Or more than likely, decline the audition.

 7. Going to the movies is now a rarity in my life, when it was something I did 4-5 times a week!

 8. I can't remember the last time I got my nails done.

 9. Or put on makeup. (Oh, wait, it was date night this past Saturday.)

 10. My living room now looks like a day care center threw up all over it.

 11. I do more laundry than I've ever done in my life.

 12. I cook way more than I ever knew I had the skill for!

13. There are days when I don't see or speak to another grown up until Daddy comes home.

 14. After kids, I'm not so easily grossed out anymore.

 15. I fill my gas tank up maybe once every 2 weeks instead of every 3-4 days.

 16. My social happy hours I used to have frequently have now been replaced with glasses of wine at home.

 17. I can't remember the last time I bought something for myself.

 18. My life isn't about me anymore.

 Now, How My Life is Better:

 1. My family. :) and how my life isn't about me anymore...


Blogger Tim said...

Sounds like you're adapting to motherhood very well. :)

9:28 AM  

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