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Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to Coaching

So after taking a good year and a half off of coaching, I got back into it again last week. A friend of mine in LA referred a local kid actor to me for coaching and/or consulting. I coached him for a short film audition he had in Dallas. I hadn't been actively pursuing this extension of my career here in Austin because...well, I had been busy having a baby and raising TWO! Lol But now I'm thinking it would be nice, a couple of days out of the week, to set aside for coaching and consulting - you know, to ease back into it. I'm even purchasing a video camera so I can either put myself on tape if anything interesting comes along - or coach and tape other kid or adult actors who need to send tape. Right now I'll just expect to get my clients through word of mouth, and as it begins to grow, then actively market it. Hmm.. I'm actually excited to focus on something business related again. :) Too much time off being a "mom" makes me miss it a bit. ;)


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