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Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy Week - But Good!

Sorry, I have not updated this blog in over a week. :( No excuse really... ok, now for the update for this week...
Sons of Tucson was so much fun! I was only on set for about 4 hours - quick and painless. I forgot to take my camera on set with me, so no pictures. :( But everyone was really nice. I wish I had a bigger role, one where I could come back the following day. Oh well - maybe they'll keep me in mind for future episodes.
Later that night I checked out the film Paranormal Activity. It was ok. I felt like I was waiting the entire movie for something to happen. it was creepy - just not really all that scary.
Then, the following night, I was really scared - when I went toHalloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Oh my God - they pop oit from everywhere, and zombies are just roaming the streets - it was very cool! I lost a bit of my voice, but its all good. :)
Then, on Sunday I went to the cast and crew screening of the feature film Morning, with Jeanne Tripplehorn, Leland Orser and Laura Linney that I did earlier this year. I am barely seen at all, but it was a nice little movie. It was also a pleasant surprise to see how Leland remembered me. Even though he's the director, I was just on set briefly - but everyone was really nice to me.
Then, Monday, I started back at Howard Fine. I'm auditing the last four classes of this Comprehensive Technique class, then we will all go on together to Rehearsal and Performance that will last for 6 weeks.
Then, Monday night I checked out the film 500 Days of Summer - one of my favorite movies this year! SOOOO cute!
Tuesday, Yankees vs Angels! Go Yankees! :)
Wednesday, Audition for The Middle - short and sweet.
Yesterday, 2 commercial auditions.
Not a bad week!
Next week, I have an audition lined for up Tuesday for The C Word, a Laura Linney pilot, right after I renew my contract with my agent! YAY!


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