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Monday, March 05, 2007

Going with your Gut

Well, I went into the audition, but I have to say my heart wasn't in it. I'm pretty sure I won't get a callback - which is fine with me! :) In fact, I was talking with one of my managers afterwards and I felt silly going in for it at all. He told me if I wasn't comfortable doing it, and I wouldn't be happy if I actually booked it, then it would've been better if I passed on the audition. I'm still not used to doing that - passing on auditions. I guess because I know how tough it is to even get called in for one! But he's right - I need to be true to myself and say no to the things I would'nt be proud of doing. That's a tough feat, especially in this industry, where a JOB, any job, usually outweighs how you feel about it. But every day is a new beginning. :)
I went to the ADR looping for the pilot on Friday. That was really cool! I don't know how many years I have to do this until I can actually LIKE seeing myself on the big screen. It's always so odd and I'm always so self-critical! But I was in the booth for no longer than 20 minutes and I was done! Nice! I do have to say the pilot looks pretty damn good - at least the small scenes that I got to see! I'm excited to hear WHEN it gets picked up! :) heehee
I passed on an audition today - see! I AM getting better at that! haha It was for a commercial for an HIV drug. I didn't feel comfortable portraying a character with HIV since I teach young kids and they could come across it on the internet or something. In fact, I was willing to consider it - but I talked to my manager and he actually advised me that maybe I should pass. It's always hard when your called in to advertise a drug for a disease or illness that you don't have. It always makes me think of Joey on Friends when he had that poster that said "Mario has Herpes" and his picture was on it.


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