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Monday, March 26, 2007

Today was Good

I made it to my first audition early. I was a little bummed that I couldn't "dress" more the part since I was working today AND I had an audition right after work where I play a cop/detective. But the part was more of a blue collar/DMV type of employee at the office. I wasn't dressed as casual as I would've wanted...but I'm hoping they could look past that!
I love Bialy/Thomas Casting! They are so nice over there! And I really love the fact that they have cast me before (The Unit)! :) I got there and checked out the breakdown for the other characters. There were a couple that were perfectly in my age range and type and they were SERIES REGULARS! But I wasn't reading for those roles...I was reading for the smaller co-star role that would possibly be recurring. :( That was frustrating - because I want to be seen for those larger roles. But I know it boils down to who your agent is. If you're not with a TOP agent, the likelihood of you reading for a series regular role on a new pilot is slim, unfortunately. Unless, of course, the office knows you and knows your work. Which this office does - so I don't get it! Sometimes you wonder if you loophole yourself into tiny roles forever with some offices. I hope not.
The show is very much like The Office, shot documentary style and very real. So I made a strong choice and delivered my lines almost deadpan - very subtle. Not the right choice. And luckily this office knows me and was able to tell me to do something else with it. Make her more relaxed and fun. So I readjusted and did it again. We chatted for a while and she commented about how much work I've done since she last saw me and how proud she was of me! :) I joked and said, Thanks, and if you ever need a series regular - you just let me know! We laughed a little - then - in a whisper because other actors were waiting outside, she tells me that this role would "always be there in the script" because she works in the office with the other series regular characters. Then she asked if I had a reel on me. And being the good actor that I was (heehee) I did, and smoothly handed it to her! I was lucky on that one because I don't usually have my reels with me when I walk into an audition room. Now I will. Always! And that was it. Good experience.
Then I went to my second audition of the day! They had requested that all women show up without any make up on at all. Great. So I washed my face after work and walked onto the Warner Brothers lot. That audition went well. She wanted me to play the cop very tough and guy-like...lower my voice, be a bitch. That was fun! I did it a few times and I think I gave her what she wanted. I wish I could've lowered my voice even more - I kept forgetting to do that during my read! Oops! She had asked me to add a line after someone else's - then she said, if you do it again, let's just drop that line. Hmmm...Should I take that as hopeful that she will bring me back to read for the producers??? I hope so! She was very nice! We'll see...
I'm ready for my next booking! Please! :)
I'm excited that the screening for the pilot is this Saturday. Would I be a total cheese ball to take my camera there as well? Eh, when have I ever cared if I looked like a cheese ball?! I'll be sure to post some pics! :)


Blogger Adoringly M~ said...

Wishing you all the luck...

9:40 AM  
Anonymous M~ said...

P.S. We're all a bunch of chesseballs!

9:46 AM  

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