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Friday, March 16, 2007

Sllllllooooooooowwwwwwww times

I assumed I didn't get the detective role on the pilot since I auditioned for it on Tuesday and it's Friday and I still haven't heard anything. But my manager Laura called the casting office to follow up and see if they cast the role yet ot not. They said they have a few "choices" - so I guess that means they narrowed it down. So Laura asks if I was still in the running and they said yes, I'm not out of the race yet. So I guess that's good news - I'm one of the few they narrowed it down to. That's better than hearing someone else booked it. :) At least for now....
A very cool thing happened yesterday.....a casting director who I have met at a workshop a few years ago and who has called me in a couple of times emailed me out of the blue. Basically he said that he did a search for me on Now casting and somehow found his way to my website and blog and that he's still a fan! He even said he's looking forward to bringing me in again! He read that I joined the Actor's Co-Op Group and told me he's doing a workshop in April and I don't have to take it since he has never forgotten me! Awesome news!
I hope he does get a nice juicy role for me and I can go in and nail it and book my first series regular role on a big network! wouldn't that be just perfect??? :)


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