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Friday, March 30, 2007

Finally Starting To Get Busier!

Today I had an audition for a nice guest star role on Boston Legal. It was for an immigrant from Mexico who was testifying against the priest who helped her. It was a tough and emotional scene, and I'm not exactly sure how well I did. The first time I did it for the casting director, I really felt the emotion and he said "Nice" afterwards. He asked me to do it again and to thicken up my accent even more and not to be on the verge of tears in the beginning. So I attempted to read it a second time, and I wasn't feeling it as much. I think I may have been too in my head, and just coming out of being on the 405 for over an hour, I wasn't "in the zone". He said "Nice" agian which made me question his first "Nice". And I walked out. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting a call back for this one. But then again, stranger things have happened!
My manager told me of a great character role on Ugly Betty that I was excited about. So I called my Agent and asked if she could put in a pitch call for me. She had already submitted me for 2 roles on that episode - that one, and a smaller nurse one, but said she would put in the call. I was just about to drop off my picture and resume in person at Ugly Betty's casting office when I got the call that I have an audition on Monday - for the nurse role. :( I really wanted a shot at the larger, more comedic role, but for some reason, I'm getting called in on this one. So I called my Agent again tro double check that they pitched me for the right role - and they said they believe someone may have been cast already - or an offer out - since Ugly Betty is such a popular show. :( damn it! I think I may go in on Monday and let them know I have prepared the other role as well in case they would let me do it for them. I know it's a ballsy move, but this other role is SO much more interesting than a nurse!
Makes me wonder how different things would've gone if I had a HUGE agent like Innovative! They are my "dream" agency right now....(so if anyone out there would like to send a referral their way for me...heehee) I'm learning a lot about the 'heirarchy" here in Hollywood. It's amazing just how far you can actually go with the 'right' A-Agency behind you! They can get you seen for series regular roles over co-stars and guest stars any day! I can't wait until I'm there - at that level. Hopefully soon...
The bright side about this appointment is...this office has never called me in - and I believe I am going straight to producers for this role - so that's good! Gotta make sure to hit it out of the park! And hopefully they will let me read for the other character as well.
I'm excited about Monday! Wish me luck! I mean, broken legs.... :)


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Break a leg!! :)

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