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Monday, April 17, 2006

Without a Trace

With friends Jen and Ana. This is our "crazy faces" pic. I couldn't think of what to do - so I blew a kiss! Muah!

So I had my audition today at 12 noon for Without a Trace. I had worked on it this weekend, with help from my friend Angel (thanks!), and I made some pretty strong choices. I worked on getting off book (memorized) as much as possible and getting comfortable with the scene. I went into my audition feeling REALLY confident. I had my preread with Lonnie Hamerman, the associate casting director, and she adjusted me to bring the physicality down, but keep the intensity. She said to make everything INTERNAL - which meant I was "acting" too much - (at least in my opinion that's what it meant!) I did it a second time and she said "you hit it right on the nose. GREAT job!". Now, I love hearing that! So after the audition I decided to walk around the mall and do some shopping and run some errands. I didn't get home until 2:30pm and I checked my email. I then noticed an email from my agent letting me know I had a callback for Without a Trace for 4:15pm today! It was weird because I didn't get a call for this and I panicked with the thought of..."what if I didn't come home to check my email!". Luckily right when I was thinking that, my agent called to let me know I had the callback. whew!
I worked on keeping everything INTERNAL and headed off to my callback.
When I got there, I noticed none of the girls were from the preread earlier - so maybe they were a "straight to producers" call. I did recognize a friend, Ingrid Sanai Buron, who I'm up against every so often. While out in the hall preparing for my callback, Lonnie was heading to the elevator and said "Just remember what I said earlier. Keep it internal." Got it. Nice - thanks for that last heads up! :-) made me feel like she was rooting for me! So I went in - kept it internal, and did my scenes. It went VERY well - at least I thought so! Then Gary, the cd, adjusted me to take the anger out of any lines and see how that came out. I did exactly what he asked and nailed the scene the second time around. The producer was smiling and I left the room feeling really good about my callback.
Now, we'll just have to wait and see if the role is MINE! I hope it is...but you never know.
The cool thing is I have a workshop scheduled for this Wednesday with Lonnie - so if anything, I will be fresh in her mind when she sees me again.


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