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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Working - and Loving It!

I had dinner at the director's house last night of the short film I will begin shooting tomorrow. I thought it would be a dinner/read through of the film, but since the lead couldn't make it, we didn't read through the script. We just sat, ate, talked, and watched a film made from the same producers. It was a nice night, getting to meet the other castmates.
Today I had an audition for iCarly again for Nickelodeon! :) They brought me in for the role of a Science Teacher, which I would LOVE to do! I mean, how perfect would I be for that??? Not the "Science" part - just the teacher! It went really well. We'll see what happens.
I finally bought a suit yesterday for those new "business headshots" that my manager has been hounding me about. Maybe now I can be seen for the lawyer role instead of the maid! ;) Keep your fingers crossed!


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