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Monday, August 20, 2007

TWO Auditions Today!

I had an audition this morning for Eli Stone. It was a little bittersweet considering I was originally called in for a series regular earlier this year, and now I'm being called in for a tiny one line role. WHAT???? Well, I guess the positive outlook is they are at least calling me back in, right?
After that audition, I rushed right over to my second audition. It was for a feature film called Legally Blondes. I'm not sure if it's a spoof on Legally Blonde, or a follow up to the last one made. I went in for the role of the custodian at the prep school (code for MAID again!) and she happens to be the character that mirrors Jennifer Collidge's character in Legally Blonde. The lead girls take this character under their wing. Looks like a fun role, just not crazy about being a custodian with an accent. Again. But the audition actually went well, so we'll see what happens.


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