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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Next Title: Producer?

Ok, even though I know that technically I haven't written in my blog for a couple of weeks, I'm going to be sneaky and change the date to make it seem like I have! heehee (Those of you who are faithful readers may be the only ones who catch that!)
ok, today I shot my last day on Graveyard Shift. I may have to do pick ups and ADR looping in the future, but as for now, no more driving to Santa Clarita or being covered in dirt! At least not for work anyway! ;)
I also met with a fellow actor friend of mine to discuss producing a play in the spring/early summer. I have never produced a play before, but he has. We have to look into getting a venue first, and see what that costs. It's not cheap, I know that much! It's a play that I first wanted to do 10 years ago while in college, and it never happened. It was a coincidence that he mentioned this particualr play to me! I had mentioned the possibility of doing this next year to my former acting professor, and he has shown interest in directing it! That would be PERFECT!!!! Hopefully this is something we can actually get off the ground. It's only a 2 person show, so the cast would be very small! :) I'll keep you updated....


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