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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lincoln Heights!

Despite what you see in the last picture - I had a GREAT time shooting Lincoln Heights! :) I guess I should explain before my mother sees this and freaks out! ;)
The first picture is of the two cops who answer the domestic dispute call. They also happen to be series regulars and very nice! The second picture is me and my tv husband, obviously in happier times! (Actually we are waiting to shoot our first scene.) And now, the third pic....apparently my pushover husband whom I'm yelling at in my first scene snaps and takes matters into his own hands in the second scene, thus the messed up face. I'm not sure if you even consider me being in this second scene since I'm only seen being carried away in a gurney.
Crazy makeup huh? I spent 2 hours in the makeup chair for that "look". I really liked playing this particular character. I got to stretch some acting muscles - because I'm not nearly as mean as her! ;) And everyone was SO nice!
Feels good to play someone who doesn't have an accent, nor cleans someone else's home for a change! :)
I was told that this will air Tuesday, October 9th, on ABC Family...but in case the schedule changes, the episode is titled "The Cost of a T-Shirt".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! Who did this to you?!?!? I'll kill him!!
Did you at least get one good chingaso in? lol


3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like you were weaving and bobbimg, when you shouldve been bobbing and weaving


5:01 PM  

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