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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Breaking All the Rules

I have spoken to alot of new actors who want to know what "steps" I have taken to become a working actor and when I tell them certain things I always hear "I always thought you weren't supposed to do that!". Apparently people listen to other people who tell them all these "rules" of what to do and what NOT to do. "You should never call casting offices", "I thought casting directors didn't like when people dropped by their office", "I thought casting directors preferred vertical headshots to horizontal" etc....
I just don't get how you're supposed to follow all these rules like everyone else, yet expect to stand out from the crowd and see results. Just doesn't make sense to me. I don't believe in "rules" of what you should or shouldn't do in this industry. It's about taking chances and going with your gut.
When I first moved here, I didn't know anything - especially any "rules". So when I blindly submitted myself to a tv show and got called in, and even got sent to producers, I didn't know there was a "rule" about not calling the casting director's office. I called them the following week because they were the only industry people I met during my first few weeks in town. I didn't have an agent and I wanted one, so I called to see if they can refer or recommend any agencies that they know (and call all the time). She spouted off about 7 agencies off the top of her head and I quickly wrote them down. I submitted to those agents and waited. They didn't call. So, because lack of knowing any "rules", I picked up my phone and called THEM. I got a meeting and signed with an agency who I was with for 4 years.
If I had followed anyone else's rules, none of that would've happened.
Which brings me to today. I saw that one particular office was casting a pilot with a series lead that I thought I would be great for, so even though my manager had already submitted me, I decided to stop by and drop off a hardcopy of my headshot anyway. Why not? Couldn't hurt. And who cares what "rules" might go against it!
Well, I have never been called into this office to audition before, and because I did the drop, I got called in for another tv show they are casting tomorrow!
I say be fearless and forget about any "rules" and do your own thing and see what happens! It may just work out!
So, tomorrow I am auditioning for TWO roles on the ABC show Brothers and Sisters!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea screw the rules do your thang gurl


1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with the "Brothers & Sisters" audition. My best friend and I LOVE that show...

Love M~

8:50 AM  

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