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Friday, August 24, 2007

Shooting Graveyard Shift

We began shooting the short film Graveyard Shift yesterday. I worked yesterday and today. Very awesome experience! The entire film takes place at a cemetery, so we are outside the entire time. It's been hot - but thankfully a nice breeze coming through made it bearable. I got to work with a very talented boy named Alex who played my 13 year old son. In fact, I got to work with a very talented cast! I haven't finished shooting yet, my last day is next Wednesday. But I did snap some pictures of the shoot to share them with you.
I have to say that I really like the director, Nikolas Smith. He definately has a way to bring out your best performance! I did this scene with my son where I basically sell out at the end of the movie. I had Nik in my ear telling me to look at my son and see what it is that I am doing to him. I look at him and he's looking at me with such disappointment in his eyes and they start to well up. Well, of course, that just sucks me into my character even more and my eyes start to well up. I literally felt so bad for letting him down. I was so much in the moment that tears are running down my face and his, and I drag him out of the cemetery with me.
It was pretty intense. And I have to say, I am glad I had Nik there to take me that one step further to get me where I needed to be. Having a director like that is awesome! :) And he ran a very professional shoot, even apologizing profusely for having to delay lunch for 30 minutes! Overall, a very positive experience! And I'm not even finished yet! One more day to go! :)


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