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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Last Minute Callback

I got home around 3pm yesterday and checked my messages because my cell phone was acting up. I had a message from my manager at 2:30 telling me that iCarly wanted me back ASAP for the role of Sonya, the personal chef. So I rushed right over and checked out the new sides. They changed some dialogue, looked like they added more, which was a good thing. But they wanted the character to have a non-descript accent, where you ddin't know if it was Latin-Russian-Yukaslovian-German or anything else! I had never heard this at an audition, but they really didn't want to have the character have an obvious Spanish accent because they didn't want to make it seem they were making fun of this character - which I completely appreciate! Wow..what a concept!
They actually called down the executive producer and he sat there and directed me exactly how he wanted the character. That was cool - but at the same time, nerve racking because I wanted to do it right - but I wasn't sure if I was hitting that accent "non-descript" enough. I'm so used to doing the Spanish accent that sometimes it just comes out when I'm supposed to do any accent. Plus, with my face, do you think the audience will ask themselves what I am, really? Would there be any confusion on that? probably not.
So I'm not sure what my chances are on getting this role, but I do know he loved my character choices. He said he liked the way she was so caring and loving to the main character, and he did laugh out loud a few that's good.
Whether I get the role of not, it was a successful audition! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just have fun with it.

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