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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last Minute Call!

Got the phone call last night that they wanted me on set today at 8am for some wide shots. I was originally off until Wednesday. I had 4 hours of sleep since I had plans already to hang out with a friend last night! (I guess the best thing to do would have been to make sure I had an early night. I tried, just didn't work out that way!) I made it to set a little before 8am and got into wardrobe. I didn't have to do full on makeup (ie: DIRT) since it was a wide shot - Thank God! I shot pretty early in the day, and then I just sat around and hung out with everyone! Then, right after lunch the director Nik said I was wrapped. He apologized for running behind schedule, but he wouldn't be able to shoot what he wanted today, which basically means I could've had today off! But I'm glad I didn't. Those guys on set are pretty cool to hang out with, so I had fun anyway!


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