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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lesson Learned - Again!

I'm learning lessons left and right!
Yesterday I learned the importance of attending an audition stress-free! I tried making my Brothers and Sisters audition during my lunch break. I was subbing a 5th grade class and this audition happened to fall perfectly on my lunch break, and since I have "successfully" juggled that in the past - I figured I could do it again. Well, I got there perfectly in time for my appointment, but the casting director was on the phone for about 15-20 minutes! I couldn't think straight! All I had on my mind was the time, and the stress and worry about whether I would make it back to the school in time - which I already knew the! I finally got called into the room and the casting director was very nice - yet there I was wound up so tight and stressed out beyond belief! I did my scene - which was simple enough and memorized - yet I kept looking down at my sides. She asked if we could do it again and if I could just "bring it down a bit and make more everyday". In other words - I was too over-the-top. I did it again, not sure, or even caring at this point, how well I was doing. All I wanted was to be back on that freeway so I could make it back in time - which I knew wasn't going to happen anyway! I couldn't even concentrate on this audition! So needless to say I made it back to school a good 15 minutes late. I called the office to let them know I'd be running late - but the guilt was still looming over me. This principal knew me well, and I'd hate to give her any reason not to call me for future subbing assignments. When I got to my class, the Principal and the Assistant were both there, watching them for me. Yikes! Thankfully, they just figured I was running late from lunch and didn't ask me anything.
But the biggest lesson I learned was to take the day off if I have an audition. Period. That way I'm not stressed or running around and I can concentrate on the work. This part could have been easily booked by me, but because of the situation, I probably lost the role. Oh well.... I hope it doesn't hurt my chances for being called into this particular office again.
On a brighter note, I did get to visit with CD Chuck McCollum while I was waiting to get seen. He's casting a new pilot that I submitted myself for. He's a super nice and great guy!


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