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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Being a Working Actor

Yesterday I went in for the role of an EMT on Life. It went ok. I did it 3 times, so I'm not sure if I gave him exactly what he wanted. Oh well. Gotta just let it go, right?
Today I had an audition for a SAG ultra low budget film called Why Am I Here? The role was described as a "26 yr old Latina, petite, quiet, cute, agreeable". Hmmm...Well, I'm not sure if I'm young enough, or petite enough, for this role, but I went in anyway. I did it once and that was it. He said "perfect", and I was out the door. Now perfect in an audition room could mean two things: That you were REALLY perfect and you'll probably get the job, OR That you were good -but just not right for the role and they won't call you. I don't have a good feeling about this one, so it's safe to just put it behind me.
It's funny how a good "feeling" really can work itself out. Like for instance, my Desperate Housewives audition. I did well enough to get pinned for the show, yet I had this "feeling" that I wasn't going to get booked. I just felt it. And I didn't. Yet, the second I read the sides for Lincoln Heights, I felt like it was mine and I could book it. And I did. Weird huh? It's The Secret! LOL Seriously - The Law of Attraction! It works!
Well, I'm spending my days lately as a "working actor" which means I'm just going to auditions, spending time online researching and sending emails, and sending out postcards. None of that brings me an immediate paycheck like subbing does. (Well, as immediate as once a month is!) Yes, being booked on a show is a GREAT thing, but after taxes and after I pay my agent and manager their fees, I'm left with HALF of my contract rate! Which means I have to sub! Soon..
Thank God school should be back in session this month. And I do have to admit, I LOVE that my schedule is this 'flexible' to allow me to shoot whenever I need to this month! It's a beautiful thing! :)


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