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Monday, March 22, 2010

This Week...I'm a Working Actor.

It's funny how it changes from week to week!
Before my internship, I was an "out of work" actor, who was also a kids acting teacher in between my auditions - and private audition coach, when my students were auditioning more than me. Then, the internship came and I transformed into a Casting Assistant - even though I was interning. And I didn't feel much like an actor. And I was fine with that. I was thinking like a casting assistant. My days off consisted of me scouting other actors who may be right for this pilot. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before - and I loved it.
This week, I'm an actor. Again. And it feels good.
I was trying to think what is was that was missing from my career which makes me consider a change into casting. And I think I figured it out. I want to be a bigger piece of the puzzle.
Let me explain...
Today we had the table read for the pilot I'm in called Awkward Situations For Men. It was SO exciting - and way different from The Cape table read on Saturday. This set up was a long table in a row, facing all of the executived from ABC and Warner Brothers, watching us as we read the roles we were cast in. It was so nerve racking - yet exhilarating! Would they laugh? Would they love us? Would they love ME? Would they FIRE me??? Luckily,they all laughed, and everyone seemed pleased. I spotted Matt Lescher, who I worked with on Good Morning Miami about 8 years ago. I reminded him that I played the nurse in one episode and afterwards, as I walked to my car in the dawned on me. 8 years later I am still playing tiny 2-3 line roles while Matt is yet again a series regular. Mind you, I have played larger roles, and recurring roles, and even tested for a series regular not that long ago - but as of TODAY, I am another HOUSEKEEPER, with an accent - 8 YEARS later.
I'm not sure I want this for myself in the next 8 years! In fact, I'm sure of it. I asked myself if I would be happy if I was one of the series regulars - and of course, I answered yes - maybe even though it might mean a uniform and an accent - but preferably NOT. And I asked myself would I be happy if I was sitting where those executives were, hearing this pilot read by other actors, actors I either helped cast, or approved of - and I answered YES! I just want to be a bigger, more important piece of the puzzle. And if I had my way, the maid would not be of Latin decent, or with any kind of accent. I think that would be my biggest accomplishment - changing that image.
And I can't do that from this side of the table.

The rest of my day was pretty awesome. I headed to Warner Brothers where we rehearsed for a few hours and I got to know some of my co-stars. I'm actually working with Brian George, Babu from Seinfeld and Laura Prepon , Donna from That 70's Show. This week is gonna feel GREAT! I don't even want to think about next week, when this job is over, and possibly my internship!
Then I will just be unemployed - again.


Blogger char said...

you are so inspiring! "i think that would be m biggest accomplishment - changing that image." LOVE IT.

6:40 PM  

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