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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Busiest Day

Today was an incredibly productive day!
I started off at the casting office at 9am. Before I knew it, it was already after noonand I had to head out for my lunch meeting with a casting executive from NBC Universal. I made the appointment so I could pick his brain about his position and what it entails to be in casting at the studio level. It was interesting, but I'm thinking I may like the creative aspect of the casting office over the business end of the studio or network. But I'm still trying to figure all that out.
I got back to the office in time for the afternoon audition session. We were mainly seeing actors for the role of Ruvi, a circus performer/mentalist and Trip, the lead's 8 year old son. It was a looooong session, and I didn't leave the office until 9pm.
I went straight to coach one of my students for his audition tomorrow. He is going in for a series regular on a pilot. :) He's a very talented little kid and I'm sure he will book a series soon. Maybe this one!
Now its time for me to work on my audition that I have tomorrow. Its for a comedy half hour pilot, and I'm going in for the role of.....HOUSEKEEPER! WhoooHooo!!!! LOL
But first things first - Back to the casting office in the morning.
Busy busy busy...and I wouldnt have it any other way.


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