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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Changes

Today was the table read for The Cape at NBC/Universal. I am so excited that myself and one other intern were asked to attend to read all the day player roles that aren't cast yet! Shooting begins on Tuesday and we should be done casting by next week.
I arrived to the conference room on the top floor of a building at NBC. I finally got to see the entire cast in person, together for the first time. Along with the writer, Tom Wheeler, the director and E.P Simon West, and the Executive Producers of Berman/Braun. I can't tell you how satisfying it was to hear the actors in the roles that we cast! David Lyons as The Cape is going to be amazing!! :) As well as James Frain as his nemesis! Everyone did such a great job!
It was like a puzzle piece that was finally put together - with all the right pieces! It's funny how you audition so many actors in town for one role, and when it's cast with the right person, it feels like why couldn't you see that from day one?! Everyone was perfect in their roles and it's a great script! I'm so excited about it!
You know, I realized something during this table read. Usually when I'm at one of these, and I'm playing a smaller role, I usually daydream of reading the lead role. Feeling a bit jealous that I'm not sitting where they are, the leads. But this time around, I wasn't feeling that at all. I felt like I helped assemble this cast - and I was proud of it. Not jealous that I wasn't doing what they were doing, but more satisfied that I had a hand in the making of it instead.
And I got to meet Grace Wu finally! She is the VP of Casting at NBC and I introduced myself as she sat nearby. I told her my interest in casting, and in diversity casting specifically, and she wanted to get me in contact with the diversity person at NBC. She asked me to email her and she would get me in touch with that other person! YAY!!!
I never knew I could be excited about a career other than acting! It's SO weird! But I am passionate about it and I am really eager to get started on that "next career" in my life. It seems like a natural progression actually. And if that means I'm no longer a full time actor because I'm helping change things, then...I think I'm fine with that. If I could make a difference to how television audiences perceive minorites, Latinos specifically, I have done something right! I would love to never play a maid again, or never be asked to "do it with an accent" ever again! I think I will always be an actor.
So if that means doing a great play production when I have the time, or a nice meaty film role during the summers or slow times, even better.
I think I prefer that trade off.


Blogger Tim said...

That's super! Sounds like you're really excited about your new venture into casting and, moreover, it sounds like you're easing into it very comfortably. Hope you continue to stay busy!
(but I do hope to see you acting,once in a while anyway, because you are very very good at that part of your business too! :) )

8:57 PM  
Blogger Taylor said...

I just think of the discussion we had last summer and it really makes my heart sing to see you enjoying what could potentially be a new path. Very proud of you.

3:28 AM  
Blogger Skinny Arbuckle.... said...

i had no idea you'd become interested in casting. this is fascinating!

1:58 PM  

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