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Monday, May 26, 2008

On Avail?

My manager called to tell me I'm their "first choice" for Prison Break. They just needed to know my availability for June 2nd thru the 11th. "First choice? So, does that mean a booking?", I ask. Well, aparently they have to check the storyboard and my availability and then they would be ready to book. Well, I'M AVAILABLE!! Let's do this! :) I thought I would hear back from my manager before the end of Friday with an "official booking" - but I didn't. So I'm waiting to get excited about it until I hear back, which hopefully will be tomorrow when offices re-open from the long holiday weekend.
You don't understand... I LOVE this show! I would do background work on this show just to be around it all! So playing a housekeeper does not bother me one bit! Plus, it helps that she's pretty major to the episode's storyline! :)
Hopefully tomorrow I can post a "BOOKED" entry...


Blogger Tim said...

Happy Birthday Lydia! (a bit belated, sorry)
Hope it was a great one!

9:24 AM  

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