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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ahhh...I Can Get Used to Days Like These...

I had a pretty darn good day today! :)
I arrived at my first audition (How I Met Your Mother) just a few minutes early, but they hadn't started the session yet. They were running about 10-15 minutes late, which made me a bit nervous since I had to be at my second audition by 10:45am in Santa Monica! But luckily, once they started, they went pretty fast and I was in and out of there quickly. The audition went well - quick and painless.
I made it to my second one (Raising the Bar) 5 minutes early. It is always so nice to see the casting director: Scott Genkinger!! He is so sweet! :) I noticed that the director on this episode was the same director I had worked with on The Practice: Jeannot Szwarc, so I highlighted his name on my resume before the audition. The first thing the director did was turn my resume over and notice his name! He said "Oh, you and I worked together on The Practice!" and I smiled and said "Yes we did!" and of course there was a little discussion about how great that show was! Then I did the scene, which was pretty simple and straight-forward, and I left...feeling pretty good about it.
Then I headed off to my third audition of the day (Without a Trace). I got there early so I had time to go over my script in the car for a bit. It's hard enough to find the time to prepare for an audition when you get it the night before - but even harder when you get THREE the night before. I never feel like I do any of them justice when I have to split my time like that. So this extra time before my audition is priceless! I went in there and nailed it! Before I even made it home, my agent called me with a callback today at 4:15pm.
So I just got back from my producer's session for Without a Trace and I felt really good about it. We'll see what happens...


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