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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


In more ways than one! I am back from my much too short vacation to Oahu. I've already decided on a trip next summer to Maui. The Hawaiian islands are just so amazingly beautiful. I was watching a postcard with every sunset. The air was clear, the weather was perfect, the water was tourquiose and clear. It was all so beautiful. It did make me appreciate living in LA more too. It's crazy that I live so close to the beach and I don't go out there nearly as much as I can - or should.
I'm also BACK in the way of my career as well. I had two auditions and they both felt great! Maybe that vacation did wonders for me! I went on my first audition at 11:20am for a feature film called Reservations. It was the role of Marlene, a cuban hotel housekeeper who mainly speaks Spanish with some broken English as well. I did it the first time and thought I did well - extremely well - considering most of my lines were in Spanish and I don't speak it fluently! I'm just happy they couldn't tell that from my audition! He gave me an adjustment and I thought I took that well also. he said callbacks would be next Tuesday and I would hear something maybe this week if I'm called back. So we'll see. I left there feeling really good about the work I did in there. And that's all that matters! :-)
My second audition was for an industrial that was set up by my Austin agent, BLVD Talent. The casting director is Donise Hardy, an Austin CD who was holding sessions in LA this week. She requested to see me specifically for this industrial - so that was very cool. An industrial (for you non-industry folk) is usually those videos a company shows their employees regarding different matters like company policies or concerns. This industrial was for a bank and the scene was with 2 bank collegues who disagreed on what customer service is. I did it the first time and the producer asked me to be more nurturing in my delivery. I had approached my bank employee as somewhat of a hard ass. So in my second take, I made her a lot softer. I didn't get through my first line when the producer stopped me and said he'll see me back on Friday for the callbacks. Nice! I guess I gave him what he wanted in that first sentence.
Feels good to feel like I nailed those auditions - whether I end up booking them or not. Maybe a vacation on the coast of somewhere beautiful is all I needed to get my spirit lifted and my old self back! :-)


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