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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I got the call that I booked that industrial that I got through my Austin agent. I shoot the week that I get back from Texas. It's very cool how it all worked out that way! I'm very happy! This summer has been pretty slow - and I was hoping to book another film - but I'll take this with a smile! :-)

You know, sometimes I need to be reminded of how lucky I am. I don't think people outside of this industry fully understand just how competitive it is out here! I need to remember that when I'm so hard on myself for not booking everything that I go out for. I was just discussing this with a fellow actor the other day. I was saying to him how difficult it is when family members or friends back home ask me when the "next movie will be" or when will I "get my own show". As if it's that simple.
It's funny because I remember when I first moved to LA and I started doing background work, my parents were so excited just to see my elbow or head peeking out behind someone else's. And my big brother would say "That's great - but when will you have lines?". Then I started booking little one liners on tv shows, and my brother would say "That's great - but when will the story be about you?". Then I started booking those shows where the storyline revolved around my character and my brother would say "that's great, but I want to see you on the big screen." Then I'd book a big studio feature where my brother can see me on the big screen, and he would say "Hey, when are you going to get your own show?" ARGH!!!!!! haha
It's great because it does keep me striving - but it's not like I'm NOT trying for all of these things! LOL
I wonder if people truly know just what it takes to get an audition, much less actually book the job! I interned at a casting office the beginning of last year, and let me tell you - that was an eye opening experience. So much so, that it made me rethink whether or not I still wanted to be "in the game". I just answered phones and opened mail in this office, but I saw just how many pictures were sent in on a single role. It was pilot season, and when they were casting for a particular role, hundreds of pictures flooded in - from everywhere! People with big agencies, people with little agencies, people with NO agencies, people with managers, people in Iowa! Anyone and everyone sent in a picture and the casting director would sift through these pictures and decide who they were actually going to see. And they can't see them all - not even close. So that right there made me feel very special for every single audition that I got called in for. Mainly because I knew that they had to sift through a huge stack of pics and decided they wanted to see ME for that role. That in itself was a HUGE accomplishment!
Now, after an actor gets the call, they have to be incredibly good and right for the role (or an interesting choice) to get the callback because the casting director will only bring back a handful to meet the producers. So just getting the callback is a HUGE win because the casting director believes you can do this role. And now it's just a taste game - does the director/producer/writer like what you do with the character? Do they want to work with you?
So after winning by getting the audition, and winning by getting the callback - then why do I beat myself up when I don't WIN the role? All of us actors do. It's hard to get that close to a booking and not book. It's frustrating because we know we're good and can do the part - yet they don't give us the role, and paycheck!
It's very very very competitive out here. There are so many actors who are beautiful and talented out here who want the same exact thing that I do.
So, for those of you who want to know when my next movie will be - aside from The Holiday which opens this Christmas ;-) , or for those of you who want to know when will I get my own show, please just know that I am working on it. Very hard.
And so are THOUSANDS of others out here.
It's crazy that I chose this business - but I love what I do. And I take the good with the bad and hope for better days.
Hopefully I'll be able to post that I have my own show in no time. Hopefully. :-)


Blogger Frances Uku said...

i'll drink to that lydia, and to your continued success. congrats on picking the best job in the world!

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that girl's got talent!

5:05 PM  
Blogger Shenita Moore said...

Congrats Lydia!

- Shenita.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:43 PM  

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