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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Refreshing Their Memory

Congratulations to my buddy Robert Wu for landing a series regular role on a new pilot called Alpha Mom! You deserve it Robert - now rub some of that off on me! :-)

Today was a pretty busy day for me. I started off taking a CAP (Casting Access Project) workshop at SAG. It's a workshop where actors can meet and work with casting directors FOR FREE! Go figure! What an idea!!! It's basically what I do at Actorsite, except the class was much smaller and I didn't have to pay.
Today I saw Howard Meltzer from Goldwasser/Meltzer Casting - the same office that brought me in for Hanna Montana. He's so cool. I really like him. He remembered me from my audition and I asked him who ended up getting cast for my role of Coach Sanchez. I was SURE he was going to say Maria Costa, the actress who made me nervous at producers when she walked in because she was so well known. But SHE didn't get the part either! It went to an African American actress - so I was very happy to hear that! It was good to hear I didn't get the role because I messed up or wasn't good - it was because they decided to go with a different type. I feel so much better now. Maybe now that he got a chance to see more of my work, maybe that will make him call me in more. And it doesn't hurt that I've met and worked with his Disney Casting Exec, Cornelia, at the Actorsite kids events! Maybe something will stick for me on one of their shows!
Straight from that workshop, I headed over to Actorsite for my next one. This one was with Dylan Brander from Megan Branman's office. This is the office that just "pinned me" for the pilot A Day in the Life. That workshop went well also. I was given a very funny scene and my first instict was to play her crazy and off the wall. After hearing Dylan give redirects to other actors to "bring it down and play things more real, yet funny" I decided to bring mine down as well. We did our scene and she said it was good and offered not adjustments. Sometimes that's a good things, and something not so much. I just have to believe that in this case - it was a good thing. I hope that I'm still "pinned" for the pilot after that workshop! haha!


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