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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An Audition!!!

Finally, after over 3 weeks - I finally get another audition. This time I'm going in to read for Megan Branman for a pilot called "A Day in the Life". I went in to read for the recurring role of Lupe, a woman who is hired to help a bride prepare for the big day. It's a very funny part - and yes, the role is aLatina woman who speaks broken English. But at least she's not the MAID, right? The audition went well. I was put on tape for the producers, I believe, and they will cast from the tape. I had all three women in the room laughing at my performance (good thing it was a comedy!) and Megan said "I liked that a lot. What's your name again? Lydia Blanco? I really liked that - " and she started jotting down notes. So hopefully that will all work out in my favor! I walked out of the room feeling pretty good about that we'll see. Time to forget about it now. Hopefully my next audition won't be another month down the road!
I went to a workshop last night for Liberman/Patton Casting. I saw Jennifer Lare again. I hadn't taken her workshop since last June, but she remembered me - so that's a good thing. After that workshop I was brought in about a month later to audition for a role on Invasion. So hopefully she'll call me in again! In fact, I don't think I've been in to read for them since then - so it's definately been WAY too long!


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