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Monday, February 13, 2006

Nailed Them!

Ahhhhh...feels good to say that! And even better to feel that!
ok, my day started off great. I went to the school early and told them I had an appointment at 11am, and asked if they wanted to find another sub to cover today. I agreed to stay there until the new sub arrived. She got there around 8:45am. Then I had plenty of time to head on over to 20th Century Fox. I got there a little early and dropped off my picture at a couple of offices. Then I went in to my audition. I went in, and nailed it! I felt really good about it - and they asked me to come back for Producer's today at 5pm. So I'll be heading back over there...wish me luck!
Then I barely made it to my second audition. I could hear another actress inside auditioning for the same role. I felt a little more comfortable after hearing her, since she didn't sound too wonderful. (Oops....Is that bad to say??) So I walked in and they told me I will only be doing one of the two scenes. I picked the first one and did it. I NAILED it. They were smiling and laughing throughout my whole performance. They looked really into it. Then they asked me to go ahead and do the 2nd scene, with a couple of adjustments. I nailed that one too. They smiled and thanked me for coming in. And I walked out of there with a huge smile. I felt like I did GREAT. I'm pretty confident that I will get a callback at least, if not a booking! I'll keep my fingers crossed -and if they decide to not go with me - it can't be because I didn't do my best! :-) The cool thing is, I never felt so perfect for a role. And so happy with my audition! Not that THAT means anything. You never know....So we'll see what happens.


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