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Friday, February 24, 2006

Filming Yesterday - Audition today

I have an audition today for Desperate Housewives @ Junie Lowry Johnson Casting at 11:15am. It's a small role playing a distraught woman at a bar. It's a pretty funny part - but I was hoping for the moment where I get to audition for this show, it would be to play someone's bad sister or something. Oh well...No telling if that opportunity would ever have come - so I should just take this one with a smile! :-) You never know....
I shot that short film yesterday. It was a pretty interesting experience. Shooting lasted a little over 7 hours. It was an extreme low budget film, but I thought it was odd that they ordered 2 large pizzas to feed a cast and crew of about 20! And casting was a bit odd. We were supposed to play this mexican family and none of us spoke spanish (which didn't matter since it was a silent movie hahah) and my "son" was armenian, my "daughter" was white, and my "husband" was half mexican. I guess I was supposed to play a woman in her 50's. The makeup job wasn't really extreme. They were banking on the fact that "mexican woman age very well". (umm...ok. thanks?) The funniest part of this was my daughter was playing someone in her late teens maybe and in real life she was turning 40 this year! crazy!
I doubt this film will be seen much other than the screening that they usually have every year. So we will see....


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