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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Writer's Strike 2007

TR Knight, Kathi Griffin, Andy Richter, and many others gathered in support of the writer's strike at Universal Studios today.

ok, I attempted to help out on the picket lines today, but I got there around 10 til 2pm and they were just wrapping up! :( I stayed until around 2:30pm and everyone was turning in their picket signs. :( Oh well - now that I know they are there around 6am until 2pm daily - I'll be sure to get there earlier - on a day when I'm off!
Today was "Actor Day", where they asked some "celebrity names" to show their support for the writers. I was so excited to meet TR Knight since I'm a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy! I actually took a picture with him - but I came out so horribly - that I thought it would be best just to show him alone! haha!


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