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Saturday, November 03, 2007

This Week

I had two auditions this past Wednesday. One for October Road, playing a cop, and the other was for a sci-fi feature film called Supermarket. The film audition was really fun. My character was actually possessed by an alien who they try to kill by blowing me up. I have never heard the compliment "You died very well" before! :)
Thursday I took the day off of subbing and helped out for a couple of hours at my manager's office with submissions.
I have an audition on Sunday (yes, SUNDAY) for the FX show Dirt. It's happening on Sunday because everyone is getting ready for the Writer's strike that should begin on Monday. Commercials and features will probably not be affected, and episodics (tv shows) might not be affected for a couple of we'll see what happens here. Either way, I want to show my support so I may look into walking the picket line with them.


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