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Monday, November 05, 2007


The Dirt audition went well yesterday. I was the last one they saw for the role. (that day). He asked me to do it three different times, and the last one he wanted "more accent". hmmm...of course! UGH! Always an accent! My question (in my head) was MORE???? Didn't know I actually HAD an accent, but I think it's because the last word in my line was a spanish curse word. We'll see what happens...
The writer's strike started today. I saw a few people walking the picket like outside of NBC studios when I passed by there today. I think they only thing directly affected by the strike right this moment, is sitcoms. They need writers every five minutes to tweak an episode before they film it. Hopefully the strike won't go too long! I'd like to book more work before the enbd of the year! :)


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