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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Summertime SLow

Just chilling with my buddy Steve on the set of The Terminal. heehee - Actually, I finally scanned this picture, so it's making it's web debut! Steven Spielberg is such an AWESOME man! I can't say enough GREAT things about him! Very sweet! Both him and Tom were!

Since it's summer, and shows are winding down and going on hiatus, I don't have much to do nowadays. No auditions at all this week. So I decided to start teaching that kids acting class I was doing at Actorsite. Wednesdays are improv. the younger kids at 4:30 and the teens at 5:30pm. Thursdays are cold reading classes, same schedule. We started the program up again at the new location this week, and it's been pretty cool. I'm always blown away by the talent that some of these kids come in with! It's pretty humbling...keeps me on my toes!
I'm just getting ready for the Sitcom Intensive class I have on Sunday with Scott Sedita. It's 6 hours long - so I'd call that intensive! I'm really looking forward to it! :-)
And that's about it...


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