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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Focus on Commercials!

The pics go in order from my oldest commercial shot to my most recent.

ok, it's weird - but I happen to be doing everything backwards. Backwards from what the norm is, at least. Most actors come out here and start working on commercials and work hard in trying to transition into tv and film. I, on the other hand, work mainly in tv and film, and I hardly get seen for commercials. So I was thinking about that. Hmmmm...What IF I started concentrating on my commercial side of my career? Maybe - just maybe - I might not have to take another subbing job! That would be GREAT! So, I had a meeting with the commercial side of ACME, which is very strong I hear. The meeting went very well - and it sounded like he wanted to rep me, he just needed the "ok" from his boss. Yeah, well, that meeting has been well over a month and I haven't heard back. :-( Oh well. So I put in a call to my manager so we can focus on getting me repped commercially, and maybe start booking some nationals! He told me that I needed new shots that look great as a thumbnail on LA Casting. (I remember Bonnie talking about that in her article!) When I had my meeting with ACME, they didn't have a problem with my current commercial shot. At least, they didn't tell me if they did. But if they decide not to rep me, and I have to start looking for someone new, then I guess it would be a good idea to start fresh with a good strong new headshot.


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