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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

First Auditions of the New Year

Well, yesterday I had my first auditions for the new year. And I had two in one day! YAY!!! I like days like that! My first audition was for Skittles candy at Francine Selkirk's office (sp?) at Zydeco Studios. I was called in to play a "homeowner". It was basically someone's wife and it was a pretty funny scene. I didn't say anything - I just had to look at a leak in the ceiling. I thought it went well. They called me back today to redo my audition because the sound was bad on the tape. Today's audition went well also. I ended up having the same husband from yesterday and someone had commented that we look like a real like couple - so maybe this combination might work to get us hired! :-)
I also had an audition for a feature film called If I Had Known I Was a Genius. My dear dear good friend JC Cantu is working at Mary Vernieu's casting office and he called me in for this very funny cameo role. It's a small part but it's a funny one. I auditioned to play a woman who is shoplifting a ham under her skirt. I thought it went well. He said I was so cute - but he's my friend - so I guess he has to say that! hahah We'll see what happens...It stars Whoppi Goldberg, Pink, Tara Reid, Sharon Stone, and Della Reese. Interesting cast. I'll keep my fingers crossed...


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