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Monday, January 09, 2006

After a Long Vacation....

I am finally home! Yay! I did miss an opportunity to audition for Scrubs. My agent called me last week to set up the appointment for Friday - but I was still in Texas. It was for a Sperm Bank Nurse. funny! Bummed because I like the show - Small role so I'm not too torn up about it. :-) Hopefully next time...
I did come home to my script for the new movie I'm doing - HOLIDAY. I haven't started reading it yet. I'm a little scared to - just in case I find out my part is near non-existent. It's ok - a part in a movie is still a part in a movie, right?
I also found out that my voice appearance on The Office is airing this Thursday - so listen carefully for me! I'm excited to check that out.
I'm still waiting my my paycheck from that shoot - plus a pretty big residual check...I hate knowing money is coming to me - but it's not here yet. makes me anxious!
By the way - Happy New Year! I hope good things are coming my way...Lord knows I'm due for some thing HUGE! hahaha


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