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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not a Bad Day :)

Had another audition today! It was for Eleventh Hour, and I was brought in by Felicia Fasano, whom I just LOVE! This office is SO awesome! Everytime I see them they greet me with a huge hug and make me feel like an old friend! The first thing they asked me before I even walked into the room was why my part on Weeds was cut? I told her it wasn't, and I was there in the episode. She said she expected to see more of me since it did say "guest starring" in the opening credits. I agreed and told them how they cut a bit of my part down, but since it was a half hour show, even just ONE scene is considered "guest star".
Felicia made a very nice comment about how she keeps seeing me on her television set. And how "every time she turns on the tv, Lydia Blanco is there, on every channel." Nice!
We went into the audition room and talked about the pilot I tested for a few weeks ago. She said "I can't wait for the day that I can see Lydia Blanco as a series regular on a show" And I joked back with her and said "I can't wait to have YOU cast me as a series regular on a show!" And of course, all she had to respond with was "I can't wait to have a role that I can cast you in!" Which is so very true. The right role for the right actor, right? hahaha
I did my audition, it went well, and I was out the door. I always feel good about auditioning for that office. They cast me in Sleeper Cell a couple of years ago. :) So we'll see what happens.
So it looks like I'm shooting this Thursday on Desperate Housewives. They emailed me my scene tonight and it's WAY different from my audition scene! It's BETTER! Originally I had ONE line to my boss about helping him with his bags out of his car. Well, this new rewritten scene has me answering the door to a furious Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) and having to deal with her. It says I grab her from going into the other room and sit her down in the living room. Nice. haha I feel much better about this role now! Something MORE and interesting to do! And definately sounds like it could be recurring!
Think positive thoughts! :)


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