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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

News and More News!

Ok, Finally my "pinned" is turned into a "Booked"! YAY!!!! After being pinned for this show NUMEROUS times, it's nice to finally get to work on it. My manager called today with my official booking for Desperate Housewives! I'm tentatively shooting on Thursday of this week.
I had an audition today for Hanna Montana. I've been called into this office for this show many times as well. Haven't booked yet. This was for a role of a mother. I was actually sent the wrong sides. My manager had sent me sides for a different episode and I didn't know until I was in the office signing in. I noticed they had the sides right there and they were different! Luckily the role wasn't too big and I could memorize the one line before going in.
Howard called me in and I met one of the producers in the room. He asked me to go with what I had prepared first, then we would play with different ways to do it. I did it my way first, then with the camera still rolling, Howard started tossing out redirects. "Bigger" "Throw it away", "Faster", "Don't mime anything", "less devestated", "Like your wagging your finger at her", "Less", "Louder", "Faster", "ok, thank you!" Wow. I did't know what to think of that! My brain just tried to keep up with processing each redirect at superlightening speed! I wasn't sure if he gave me all those redirects because I never hit it just right, or to test me to see how directable I am.
Well, I got the call later in the afternoon that I was on "Watch and Avail". Which is the same as pinned, I suppose. The only thing is I think the role shoots for three days this week, and it may conflict with Desperate Housewives. We'll see. Ahhh, all good problems to have! :)


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