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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finding Different Paths

Ok, last week was a little slow for me. Not a single audition and I felt like I was just sitting around, waiting to see if any of my auditions from the past couple of weeks turned into jobs. No news yet on that front.
This week I have a pretty open schedule. I decided to focus on getting a really good commercial agent and hopefully get that side of my career rolling. Maybe even see what I can do in the voiceover world. I know that voiceovers are really hard to break into out here, especialy when I'm not bilingual :( but I loved doing the Japanimation cartoons when I lived in Austin, so that would be awesome to get back into that.
I met with a fellow actor/producer friend of mine, Alex Castillo, last week to talk about me possibly getting into producing. He is starting pre-production on a new project this week and hopefully I will be involved. The first table read is Thursday and as of now, if all works out, I can come board as an "assistant producer/associate producer", depending on the the amount of work I take on.
I'm pretty excited about this new endeavor! :)


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