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Friday, August 22, 2008

Still Got the Nerves

I had that audition this week for that movie of the week. It was for an office I had never been into, but casts a lot of projects: Perry/Reece Casting. I took a workshop with one of the associates a couple of months ago.
They brought me in this week to read for a bitchy mom at a skating rink. It was fun to do, but I don't think I did my absolute best. For some reason I felt a little nervous during the audition. Go figure! I screen test last week for studio and network executives and feel completely comfortable, I go in for a first audition for a movie of the week, and I'm a little nervous! haha Funny how that happens, huh? See! Even someone like me, who has been out here forever it seems, I still get nervous sometimes. Which is a good thing. I can't imagine walking into a room and not feeling those "butterflies" anymore. If that ever happens, I may have to think of a career change! :)
One of my managers wanted me to put somewhere on my resume that I screen tested for the pilot, but I received advice from a casting director friend that I should just postcard that info, or just add a post it note to my headshot, but it shouldn't be a permanant fixture on my resume. I kinda compromised and added it on my online resumes as a note under my special skills for a month or so... We'll see how that works.


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