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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to Work

Sorry I haven't written anything in a week. Don't worry, I haven't been locked up at home, too depressed to see the sunshine. Just not a lot has happened, really....
So get this - the day I got my bad news of not booking the pilot, I got my wisdom teeth taken out. (I figured what perfect timing! I was already feeling bad!) I got home all swollen and in pain (inside and out) and my manager calls me about an audition the following morning - at 10am. For a one line co-star.
Now, I understand work is work - but talk about kicking me while I'm down! "Sorry you didn't get this SERIES REGULAR job - but how about ONE line on a show??" ARGH!!!!! Man, just when you think you've progressed 2 steps forward, someone brings you back down 10! Luckily because of my wisdon teeth, I declined the audition. I knew I wouldn't be perfectly well to audition the following morning - and definately not well enough for one line! :(
That's the one thing I don't think I can ever get used to about this career. It's not like other jobs where you advance over time. Eventually you work yourself up to a certain level of success.
No. Here in the entertainment industry, you can progress, and progress, and still end up right where you first started! I'm reminded of this everytime I see recognizable faces waiting with me in an audition waiting room. Or waiting on me at a restaurant. You can have you're own show, or a string of hit movies, and still end up in obscurity. I'm especially reminded of that last part while watching The Two Coreys. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were such huge stars in their teens, and here they are now, just trying to WORK.

Well, I mailed out a chunk of postcards today letting everyone know that I just screen tested for studio AND network for the pilot last week. Hopefully that will generate some juicy auditions for me.

Tomorrow I have an audition for a small but fun role on a movie of the week. :)

And I picked up my really cool postcards for my Prison Break episode. I'll be sure to put the picture up later this week. :)


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