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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Network Test

Ok, I'm, a cheeseball...I took a picture of my 6 year contract that I signed! lol I had to! Things like this don't happen to me everyday! And I had nothing but a huge grin on my face as I signed all four copies. It was pure bliss. :)
I went into the network test today. I saw one of the other girls just as I walked into the main building. She and I walked to our room where we were told to meet. We saw the casting directors and they informed us that we were the only two that made it to this level of the process. That third actress was not coming today. Wow. For some reason I figured Studio and Network tests were a package deal. If you went to one, more than lkely you would go to the other one. Hmmm....Obviously that is not the case. We were very lucky to make it this far. Even most of the guys from yesterday didn't make it to this round. Wow - I'm proud of myself! :)
So we have another "work" session, but this time it was more of a warm up. I did my 3 scenes again for the casting directors and the writer/executive producer. No notes this time.... Hmm...That's a good sign, right?
We waited. And waited. And waited some more, until finally all the executives made their way down to our floor to the testing room. The room was a screening room with a big flatscreen on the wall, but the seats were arranged like a mini theater. The "audience" was raised on levels. There were about 10 executives from the network with the 2 casting directors, Emily the writer, and of course Wilmer, the star (and co-exec. producer). I was actually fine with a room full of people. My background in theater made me actually prefer it! An audience to react to my work! Nice!
Carla (the other actress) went first. Then I went in.
I actually felt REALLY good about my test. They laughed in all the right places, and the dramatic moments were there again. I didn't feel like I nailed it as hard as yesterday, but I have no complaints. It felt very good. Everyone seemed pleased.
I walked out and just exhaled. The hardest part was now over. The only thing I had to do was wait for the decision.
Did I just say the hardest part was over??? Am I crazy?
How am I going to sleep tonight???
I do have to say that no matter what the outcome, I am very proud of myself and the work I have shown to these people. And whatever is supposed to be, will be.


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