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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Job Well Done

It feels so good to be able to walk into a room and do exactly what you prepared to do! There have been many times that I have walked out of an audition room thinking "What the hell was that? I didn't rehearse it that way!" - and at those times, I'm assuming my nerves got the best of me.
Well, today I walked out of that room feeling very proud of myself. I was relaxed and confident and very prepared. Probably the most prepared I have ever been for an audition! And it didn't hurt that the people in the room already knew who I was. They (the writers/producers) started chatting about a "little" show on my resume called EVERWOOD - which they wrote for. (The creator of Everwood and Jack and Bobby, Greg Berlanti, is a producer for this ABC pilot.) They also asked me if I would be on any more epsiodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Then we chatted about how the show WILL be on for another season and how I should start bugging Larry (David) to bring me back.
The actual audition part of today went really well too. I felt good about my audition and I think they liked me. I wish they could've reacted a little more to my funny lines - but they're the writers, so I'm sure they liked what I was saying. haha
I guess they were just sizing me up to see if I was the character they wrote. I hope I am. I felt like I was in that audition room.
It's the first time that I drove away feeling content about the work I did AND not obsessing about whether or not I booked this. I did my job in there, and now it's out of my hands. THEY will make the decision. So only time will tell.
But I can say that I have a feeling that this was not the last time I see them for this pilot. :-)


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