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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Chosen Ones

Ok, here are the ones my manager, Laura, picked out for Breakdown Services and for 8x10's. I'm pretty happy with them. The last picture is what I may use as a business card - but I'm not sure.

So I found this GREAT place today. It's called The Photoshop and it's this little place in Sherman Oaks. I have been getting my pictures reproduced at Reproductions ever since I started in this town, and this is the first time I'm trying someone new. The prices were pretty amazing for actual PHOTOS, so I had to try it out. I approve my layout on Friday and then I will order my pictures. They should be ready by Monday! YAY!!! :)

Today I did a couple of drops at casting offices today, and it resulted in an audition for tomorrow! I'm going in for a nanny named Maria on the show What About Brian, tomorrow at 11:10am. It's a small co-star role, but considering how slow it's been for me, and how I haven't booked much this year, I'm not complaining!

Bad News Alert! My manager put in a call regarding the pilot Eli Stone, to see what my status was for that series regular role, and they said they didn't think I would be going further. :( Oh well....
Maybe that just makes room for the next new show that crosses my path? The one that WILL cast me as their series regular? :) God willing...


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