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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Book

I received my copy of the new Curb Your Enthusiasm book. I forgot that it was even coming out! I remember talking to someone over the phone, an interview about the experience of working on Curb. The book is a breakdown of every episode for the first 5 seasons and I'm featured in it! There is a pic and quote from me! :) The quote doesn't sound like what I said EXACTLY - but nonetheless, it's still pretty cool.

I also got called to a last minute audition for According to Jim. It was 2:30 pm and my manager called and asked me to RUN over to CBS Radford because they were looking to cast someone for that night's show. If I got the part, I would have to stay and shoot for the taping that night. How very awesome! I LOVED working on the sitcom Good Morning Miami and I've been waiting for the opportunity to work on another one! I got there and took a look at the sides. It was a one line role and they were looking for a Latina in her 30's who was pretty and a little trashy. I had a hot pink tank top (with a black bra on) underneath a black t-shirt, so I just took off my t-shirt and hoped I looked "trashy" enough. haha The good news is I didn't look trashy enough (Thank God! - even though that meant I lost the part! LOL) and the bad news is - well, I didn't get the part. That's too bad. Mainly because the scene would've been with Tim Meadows, and I would've loved to have worked with him!
The audition went extremely well. I got to meet Jim Belushi and a couple of other writers/producers. They laughed at my audition (good thing it's a comedy, right?) and gave me a redirect. I did the scene again, and again they laughed and said good job on taking direction. And then, that was it. We all waited outside (there were about 9 of us that "rushed right over" for this) and waited for them to call the one who booked it back into the office and the rest of us were released.
I like days like this. I would've liked it better if I had to stay and shoot for the live taping - but maybe next time! ;)


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