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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This Week

I had two auditions last week. One for a commercial and one for a new show called Modern Family. Both went well, even though I'm not updating my blog with a BOOKING! It's been slow this week. I've been focusing on my time in class. I started class with Howard Fine last week and it's been really great! I work very well with Howard's style and methods. It makes me realize just how much I have stopped doing for my craft. It's easy to become lazy and stop practicing - whether you're busy "working" or not. I needed something to reignite my fire, and Aaseamah's Journey definately did that, and this class is a great way to keep it burning!
Now, if I can just become really busy with auditions! =)


Blogger Minou said...

You're so right - getting lazy and losing the focus happens so easily.
If you're looking for another great teacher, I can recommend you warmly Mr. Mark Travis. Maybe you already heard about him? He's mindblowing!
All the best from Germany, Julia

3:51 AM  

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