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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day Job

Well, it's come to that time.
For the past 8 1/2 years I have had a safety net called a "day job" while I pursued my acting career. I have been a substitute teacher ever since I got here to LA and it has kept me above water for a while, even been my only source of income when I first moved here. Well, the day I left out of town, July 1st, my teaching credential had expired. I didn't know this until I got back 6 weeks later and read the letter in my mailbox. I tried calling the sub office to see if I can get reinstated and left messages for almost 3 weeks since I've been back. I finally talked to someone on Friday, and they refused to reinstate me, saying too much time has passed since the expiration. I was told I could reapply as a new hire - which is funny because there is a hiring freeze and the school district is NOT hiring any new teachers at all! See, that's been the big problem considering all the lay offs and newly graduated and credentialed teachers who are all out of a job - or can't find one.
So, now I'm officially working without a net.
And it scares the crap out of me because even though I can make a decent living on solely my acting career, I like that security of having another optin of an income if I desired. So, I can register with temp agencies, apply for a "job" job or just hope everything works out fine. Yeah. Pretty scary.
the good news is, I've been averaging at least 2 auditions a week since I've been back. haven't booked anything yet though. :(
And I'm really enjoying my class with Howard Fine, I'm just trying to figure out if I can actually afford to take the next one that starts in 3 weeks! Yikes! We'll see...
Yeah, in this economy, you don't want to lose any kind of job.
I have faith that it will work out. It always does. :)


Blogger Minou said...

Don't be scared! You will earn the money you need and deserve. Be courageous and you will make it. Maybe it was time for you to quit your day job - your safety net:-)
I wish you the best!

7:50 AM  

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