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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Criminal Minds and Southland Auditions!

Ok, this week has been a really good week. Found out I was heading straight to producers for Criminal Minds on Tuesday with Scott David and April Webster Casting. YAY! Possible guest star role! The problem was I had Howard's class starting at 2pm until 6pm and the audition was at 4:30pm. So once again, I had to slip out of class, take care of an audition, and make it back in time to get the scene assignments/homework for Friday. I did it! But the audition went just ok. It could've gone better actually. I think I was a little in my head, which is exactly what Howard teaches you NOT to do! I think I was a little distracted by how wordy my scene was and halfway through I was thinking to myself if the producers were still paying attention! Not a good thing when I'm supposed to be "in the moment". Oh well. It was horrible, just was fantastic.
Then today I had another "straight to producers" audition - this time for Southland with John Levey Casting (from ER). Its one of my new favorite shows on NBC! Awesome! The role is a little smaller than what I would have loved to have done on this show - but again, I just need to work at the moment, so I can't be too picky. This one went better. So we'll see...
Class is going great! Gives me work to do during the week, and something to focus on. Just what I need!


Blogger Laura said...

good luck!!

12:47 AM  
Blogger Minou said...

Good luck - you'll make it:-)

4:20 AM  

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