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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Bad...

Yesterday's auditions went pretty well. I made it to my first one, where I met the casting director, Kim Coleman , for the first time. She was so very nice! I was a bit nervous because my Spanish isn't GREAT, and I had two pretty meaty scenes to do!
Luckily, when I went into the audition room, she told me the second scene was in English. Nice! I felt more comfortable with my Spanish in the first scene anyway, so this was perfect!
I felt like my audition went really well. I may be a bit too young for the role, but you never know! I feel like I made a good impression on her, so that's what counts!
Then I headed over to Heidi Levitt's office for my second audition, for the feature Sympathy for Delicious. I wasn't clear what role I was auditioning for exactly. "Girl #2" with one first. Then they came out and changed my role to one of the fans and I auditioned with three lines! :) Then after that audition, she said they had a last minute role come in that day for a mother whose son was healed and was walking for the first time. She wanted me to improv a scene where I get emotional and cry. Yikes! In 2 seconds! No prep time, just ready to roll. Well, being the professional I am (wink wink) I pounded out an emotional scene and it went pretty well. Again, we'll see what happens. :)
All in all, it was a good day. I ended it by seeing Slumdog Millionaire at the theater. Great movie!
So far nothing lined up for next week, well, nothing except my friend wants me to go with her to the Price is Right! So who knows, I could be running down that aisle and playing the game! haha
We'll see.


Anonymous Jessie said...

I'm trying to spread my wings into the acting industry as well...its good to be able to read about someone else with the same kind of dreams. Sympathy for Delicious? You are truly a lucky person if you get that role...Laura Linney and Orlando Bloom are two of my favorite actors! I hope you the best!

2:35 PM  

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