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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Being Productive

Yesterday's audition went well. It's always nice to see G. Charles Wright and Deborah Barylski! :) It looks like they may have only called a couple of people in per role for the producers. When I got there, I saw my friend Chane't Johnson, who was there for my same role. We chatted a bit about her amazing trip to Puerto Rico and then it was showtime. I felt really good about my audition, but I also know how great Chane't is - so I guess it just comes down to type. Whatever they feel like this teacher should look like. You never know. You can't control things like that - all you can control is what you do in that room. Hopefully its your best, and then you leave it at that.
Like I said, I felt really good about it....we'll just have to see what happens. :)
I had rehearsal this whole week for that show, then tech week starts this weekend. It's nice to have something I'm working on. Keeps my blood pumping!
Ok, Off to the gym! Trying to be productive in every way today!


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